25 d’octubre, 2007

Make peaks through the clouds

I count the hours they spend
Slowly cooked beans
Around me
Make peaks through the clouds

My dreams
The honey of your fingers
Among the broken skin
My tired body
My twisted mind
By the time

Who sleeps on the pillow
Devil's ....

It's your small smile

It's your small smile
A large tear in your mind
It is true that your face
It is true that I am lying
If the past. It's your Wound.
Treating your present.
For well in your future.
Living your best Death.

When hatred a flower expires.

When you love other crops growing.

For Your Thoughts simply.

Dancing as caterpillar slowly in desert

Dancing as caterpillar slowly in desert

Steps latent feeling in my body

I like needles blood

Gradually disappears

An I plunge into nothingness...

Never have I felt a think like

An animal traveling through my veins

At high speed...

The skin is erected as a banner

A transformation

In monstrous best

Fruit of the drug.


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